Welcome to the official web site of the upcoming movie

Welcome to the official web site of the upcoming movie: Alan Robertson's The Last Testament.  Production tentatively scheduled to start May 2003.

Story/Download the Script
Feel free to download the script
Who we tentatively have cast in major roles
Who we tentatively have working behind the scenes
How you can audition to be in this project
Glossary of Terms
What the heck is Trakhara? Check it out here.
Who's your favorite SAINTS member? Take our fun polls.
The Zodiac Stones
Preview the Stones here
Aioran Language Primer
Reburach tan shantach Aioranan.(Learn to speak Aioran.)
Includes concept sketches
Soundtrack Listing
The tentative listing of the film soundtrack.
Feel free to visit a few of these links
The Official Last Testament Fan Club
A Yahoo group
The Last Testament Store
T-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs
Concurrent Projects
Projects which will start during "Last Testament" down time
Sci-Fi Related Website
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"The Last Testament" is a production of MWS Enterprises, Kansas City.

Last edited on 10/05/2002