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Project EVIL: A Retrospective

A documentary written by Alan Robertson explaining the origins of the SAINTS members. It is a detailed depiction of the events from today to the Apocalypse. This documentary, however, will not be in the actual script.


Production to begin May-June 2003

IC Scenes (Introduction/Conclusion)

This series of scenes was written by Mike Czerniewski, and the introduction originally written by Alan Robertson, as a glue to help the audience better understand the story.

It takes place in the far-distant future, when the Earth is in post-apocalyptic shambles.  Two demolition experts, while preparing to tear down an old church building, find an ancient text in near-perfect condition.  The text is an unedited version of the accounts of the Last Testament, a canonized book of scripture in their time.  Here's where the "glue" part kicks in: what these men are reading is what the audience will see on the screen.


Aftermath: The Book of Warlock

The year is 2014.  Michael Ferier, the leader of the organization EVIL who goes by the nickname of Warlock, is making his first appearance on the talk-show circuit.  The show of choice is the conspiracy-theorist themed Full Disclosure, hosted by Troy Martinez.  Warlock tells Troy of the origins of EVIL, as well as how his translation (granting of immortality, telepathic and telekinetic powers, and the ability to talk directly to God) and the Apocalypse.  Later in the book, Warlock returns home and is visited by God, who tells him of an impending danger: the coming of the rare Blood Moon, which will stretch dimensional forces enough to allow the coming of Chaos, an immortal with mass destruction on his mind.



Echoes of Chaos: The Book of Plasman

The year is 2014.  Ryan Hunter, code-named Plasman, recalls the bizarre circumstances that bring him to Earth from his native Aiora.  Plasman has somehow got a hold of experimental, yet irreplaceable, power armor.  When he wore the armor, Plasman was engulfed in a sea of dark emotions.  This leads him to kill thousands, including his fiancee, and flee the planet.  Ironically, after returning to his home system, Plasman, the commander of the Aioran fleet starship Tiamat, is his race's only hope.  A dark form of energy, named Chaotic Energy, destroys the entire Aioran star system and takes some of the fleet with it.  Plasman fears that Earth, one hundred light years away from Aiora, will be next and hit much harder.



Brain of Silicon, Muscles of Polymer, Heart of a Warrior: The Book of Bloodstreak

The year is 2112.  As the time of the Blood Moon approaches; Stryker, a powerful ninjorg and an agent of Chaos, attempts to purchase the stolen Zodiac Stones, which can open dimensional rifts.  The purchase is almost spoiled, however, by the presence of Scott Ferier, aka Bloodstreak.  Bloodstreak, the world's most powerful ninjorg (and Warlock's brother), encounters the thieves' attractive ninjorg Terra.  During the encounter, Bloodstreak thinks back to a time when his kind were illegal, and how the vision of one man, Ash Hansen, made ninjorgs a much-sought commodity.  After their battle, during which Stryker gets away, Terra is shot.  Bloodstreak saves her life, and in doing so gains her gratitude.


Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

The year is 2112 (in fact, starts exactly where Book of Bloodstreak leaves off).  Warlock hears of the deal involving the Zodiac Stones.  He telepathically summons Bloodstreak, who is taking care of the still-injured Terra, to a private summit.  The two brothers talk about the situation and talk of an EVIL reunion.  Bloodstreak, however, must return to his dojo to attend to Terra, who wants to come with Bloodstreak to fight Stryker.


Chapter 2: The Gathering

The members of EVIL gather at Plastech Industries' corporate headquarters.  James Rayne, a.k.a. Elemental, takes Warlock and Bloodstreak on a tour of the military base-like facility.  As the group, which also includes Daniel "Ballistic Boy" Shephard and Thranade "Demonik" Nika'thraga, is reunited, Terra sneaks in and is caught.  Bloodstreak, who is upset that she followed him, is reprimanded by his brother, who suggests that Bloodstreak and Terra are in love.  Bloodstreak takes Terra to what would be her quarters and tells her of the last student he taught.


Chapter 3: The Birth of SAINTS

The members of EVIL prepare for an important briefing, during which it is revealed that the organization will now be known as the Special AbIlities aNd Tactics Squad, or SAINTS.  Everyone introduces themselves to Terra, the group's newest member.  Their mission: collect the remaining Zodiac Stones before Stryker can.



Production start date TBA

Chapter 4

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