Major Casting Information

Note: as of October 5, 2002, we'll only be showing the OFFICIAL cast listing on this site. All roles listed "TBA" are now open for audition.

Top Billing Major Characters (criteria: 10 scenes or more and/or 40 or more lines)

Michael "Warlock" Ferier:  Matt Sewell

Scott "Bloodstreak" Ferier:  Mike Czerniewski

Ryan "Plasman" Hunter:  TBA

James "Elemental" Rayne: Nick Hidaka

Terra:  TBA

Daniel "Ballistic Boy" Shephard: TBA

Thranade mo "Demonik" Nika'thraga: TBA

Stryker: Jacob Torres

Troy Martinez:  TBA

Other Major Characters (criteria: 5 scenes or more and/or 20 or more lines)

Ash Hansen:  Bryan Chesen

Commander Munro:  TBA

God/David Hardy: TBA

Snake:  TBA

Potential Major Characters - Other

God/Chaos: TBA

Lisa "Apparitiion" Richter: TBA


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